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June bids Goodnight



Almost eleven and never ending sunset, bats flit across the sky and the swallows still gather insects for the growing brood.


Looking north, the light lingers towards Loch Fyne, still light at 3:45 a.m – did it ever get dark?

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Perfect day, the sea flat calm, wonderful reflections, empty roads, but it will soon fill up with cyclists, bikers and tourers.

Wherever you are today – enjoy !


Fleeting beauty

fades and falls

beneath life’s storm…


How brief the flowers, weighed down by rain, faded by sun, ravaged by pests. Take time to smell the roses, their time is all too brief!

Walking in the garden with my lover,

I was distracted by a rose.

My love scolded me, saying

“How could you look at a rose

with my face so close?”

Rumi – Whispers of the Beloved


Roses are breaking bud in the warm June days. From the simple wild rose (Rosa canina) with their gentle fragrance to the heady Apothecary’s roses (Rosa gallica). Some appear in the mixed hedges, unplanned but welcome additions. The climbing roses are only just beginning to put on growth, “Leaping Salmon” and “New Dawn”, while the peach blossom of the floribunda rose “Burma Star” draws the gardener to drink in its sweet scent. Who would not wish for a rose garden to wander aimlessly with a loved one?

As the Ayrshire Bard wrote;

O my Luve’s like a red, red rose, 
That’s newly sprung in June: 
O my Luve’s like the melodie, 
That’s sweetly play’d in tune. 

Robert Burns


May your garden be blessed with fragrant roses!

Midsummer’s eve was spent in York at a conference, walking back to St Mary’s guest house along the riverside we met the geese slipping and sliding in single-file down a slipway to bed. Huge rafts of them were already in the river while the human population was just winding up to party!


York is very pretty but having seen very little of it I intend to return soon. The architecture, churches and ancient buildings were intriguing, we did manage a short walk along the walls on Sunday morning before joining the congregation at York Baptist Church (a listed building boasting D L Moody’s desk!)


Walking to supper I found a little garden near the Barbican, didn’t have time to read the accolades but love the “greening” of city spaces with herbs and fruit bushes.


A very brief guided tour took us to the “Shambles“, beautiful Medieval buildings some complete with “priest-holes”; hubby spotted the cat sculpture. Completely missed the Botanical gardens but then most of the time was spent travelling there and getting home again. Whetted my appetite for a longer visit. The “Tour de France” will be there July 6th, meanwhile York is covered in Yellow bikes of all shapes and sizes….

Wherever you are to day, look up and enjoy!

Welcome lots of new followers will stop by later when I get caught up in the garden again!

Of course you really have to imagine the “Girls”, woad painted faces,  yelling “Freedom!” with a Mel Gibson Scottish accent making their break from captivity…


Arriving back at their enclosure, fresh water and food in hand, I found them off exploring the environs…


Discovering the joy of dust baths…


And gardening…


Happy, content chooks, relaxing in the garden, sofly vocalising their pleasure. Enjoying the company of their humans.

What ever you are doing today enjoy!

The cat is still under house arrest but gets out for walks on his harness. He seems to accept this; lying under the trees with a trapped human (couldn’t reach my book). Checked out the chickens who gladly reciprocated then chose to ignore each other. Chooks settling in nicely but far too tame: I lift them into the coop at night as only one takes themself to bed…

Just had our last walk around the garden before sunset and met the hedgehog snuffling about under the old apple tree, he wasn’t too enamoured and headed off back to the woods. He has been seen at the back door before now…


This afternoon a shrew was running in circles outside the kitchen door. Seemed like he knew what he wanted and where he was going but really  won’t last long!  Didn’t seem fair to let the cat get him either…

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But then the cat became an art lover, giving a painting a close inspection. “Mum! Come!”  A small creature dropped down behind the dresser – is it a bird? How did the cat get it? No, not a bird, a bat! Grab the cat, let bat into bedroom, open bedroom window wide, bat hunts for a place to roost. Leave bat in bedroom to find its own way out. Much later notice bat-like shadow flit over the garden but leave window open till sunset just in case.

So been an odd sort of day, wild life visiting us, up close and personal. Finally bedtime, just hope the bat really has flown home….