has a constant gardening companion…


Since he arrived in Scotland the cat has taken all the changes in his stride. He is part Norwegian Forest Cat so that may explain his laid back attitude, curiosity and companionship! They apparently enjoy the company of other animals (perhaps we should have told the pheasant), love to climb and like water. Daughter states emphatically that he hates water, think he finds rain confusing but doesn’t rush in when it starts. He is often to be found near the burn…


They are supposed to be really smart, he certainly watches and tries opening doors and windows! Trees are for climbing, the higher the better but getting down requires human assistance (but I think that’s just laziness and foolishness on our part!)

As soon as his collar is on he’s off out the door, coming back to check the humans are still around and that food has been provided. When out exploring he will suddenly rush over the garden to greet you before dashing away again. He loves the freedom, so far the birds tolerate him except when he gets too near and then there is much scolding!

Cat nap

And he loves bedtime! Racing up the stairs, loitering around the bathroom door until the human reappears, rushes to the bed, waiting impatiently for said human to get into bed then settling down on the chest, praying and purring loudly before settling down at the end of the bed until dawn breaks and it all starts again!

Reminds me of Stevie Smith’s “Galloping Cat