I love gardens! I love botanical gardens and Orto Botanico in Padova was no exception. Climbing onto the much quieter bus, we headed away from foggy Venice to arrive in bright sunshine. Mis-reading the map we found ourselves at yet another church bursting into spontaneous organ voluntary as we arrived! Another lovely space to claim a few minutes sanctuary.

Heading back out I accosted a business man in my worst Italian, thankfully he spoke English and pointed us in the right direction. Pausing en route in Prato Della Valle (a huge oval public space) to eat ice cream, we finally found our way to the garden. A UNESCO world heritage sight, it is the oldest university botanical garden in the world. I think their students must be the luckiest in the world! It was beautiful! I love to see herbs that I have never met in living form before, like Ephedra and Dioscorea, even Lycopus. Beautiful, tranquil space, absolutely a “must see“.