Busy weeding lost in thought, lulled by birdsong… Suddenly – a New Song! Is it not too early? Can they really be here? Sure enough swooping over the garden to alight on the rickety aerial – a Swallow!


Now “One swallow does not a summer make” and the weekend has been bitterly cold; but clear skies and sunshine have been the gift of the day. The Seacat sails up the Firth twice daily, a reminder that once Easter holidays are over, it will be the summer term. Already?

Today was full of firsts, first butterflies, first ladybirds, garden filled with sound of bees buzzing, first rose buds, new buds and blossoms. Seems like Spring is here and Summer – just around the corner…

I may have to ask a guest blogger to post over the next few days, – suddenly very busy!