Love as long as the Gorse flowers

While one flower remains

love still reigns.

Dreams torn;

hearts frayed

but hope abides

as long as Gorse smiles golden.

(for Little Bear)


According to Scottish folklore ‘if gorse is not in flower, kissing’s not in season’ or put another way; there will always be love as long as the Gorse blossoms. Gorse Bach flower essence is used for uncertainty perhaps for those unsure after life’s small tragedies.

The hills are now yellow with Gorse, the new lambs gamboling in the fields. Hedgerows are unfurling into the brightest greens. Pink Ribes light up the bare branches. Spring Equinox has arrived, green finches gather bedding from the garden. All around signs of hope are stirring…..

This is my 150th – Yeah! Go me!