Living in a temperate part of the world I realise some of you are still in the depths of winter; so I hereby apologise profusely for saying, “yea! Spring is still Springing!

Here in Scotland winter passed us by; it has been mild and wet with 50% more rain than the average. But at last, for the past few days, we’ve had blue sky and sunshine so been out catching up as the garden has gone ahead without me! I don’t seem to learn that the afternoon shower of rain, that looks like it will keep going all afternoon, will wait till all the tools are away, stripped off all my gardening clothes, then the sun will burst forth with new found shining. If I dare venture back out; the cloud will immediately gather and start all over again and it will be considerably colder than when I left…

There is also not that much to show you. I could, in true “Blue Peter” style, show you the bed I dug over earlier. Yea, bare earth! I just have to face it; it’s a quiet time in the garden as everything prepares for spring….

But things are a-changing; there is always something new to see from week to week. The new hedging is bursting into life, the gooseberry has new leaf too – I just have to keep the pesky pheasants off them. The girls are skulking around under the trees awaiting my departure so they can raid the feeders…

 The Autumn flowers are finally surrendering as the spring flowers offer new buds.

If you are missing the winter snows, check out Seedbud’s wistful, winter photos and poetry:

* Blue Peter – a BBC children’s program renowned for the phrase “Now here’s one I prepared earlier