The Spoils!

…the spoils! But what in the world do I do with the spoils? But I get ahead of myself. Last week a friend visited, as we exchanged gardening visions, she decided that the caravan would make an ideal “bothy” for her small-holding. I say small holding, giving up city life, she now grows veggies and keeps a plethora of animals. The weekend was ideal towing weather and just before dusk they arrived to tow away our faithful caravan that had given us shelter during the build. (It should be said that I wimped out and spent most of my time staying with our son, well summer of 2012 was one of the wettest on record!)


So now I can dig the veg patch! Monday dawned bright and clear and I set to excitedly only to discover the small patch of cement, was a rather large patch. (Really I should have known it was the only part of the garden flat enough to park a caravan!)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo pleased to be digging I forgot to do my morning tasks….

Gradually house bricks, dressed sandstone, broken slate and lumps of cement began to pile up in the new bed…

New beds

But lots of stones, bricks...

By the end of the day had accumulated two large stacks, begging the question “What do I do with this?” (Answers on a postcard please!) Meanwhile the potatoes are chitting in the shed and once the promised sun comes out, I’ll tidy up the bed and start thinking vegetables…