Rosy pink but cold and dry; shouldn’t really be surprised when the sky turns dark grey and large wet snowflakes begin to fall. Feeling grateful for the dry spells we’ve had recently and being able to work in the garden.

New Hedging

Ordered a new hedge which arrived very quickly, 100 new plants. Blackthorn based to cope with the winds, with Hawthorn, Hazel, Field Maple, Wild Cherry, Wild Rose and I added some Guelder Rose and Crab Apples. Really looking forward to having a beautiful hedge not only to feed the wildlife but also to provide a Herbal harvest too!

New digging

New planting

The snow has stopped, sea a beautiful green, sunlight playing over the white waves and the fisherman out checking his creels. Still several metres to plant but “make hay while the sun shines”. Better go wrap up warm and start digging again ( if I can drag myself from the fire)!