“There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter” Billy Connolly

Rain, rain, rain, sunshine! Hail, snow, rain, rain, frost! Sunshine, blue sky, sunset, wind, rain, rain, rain…  As an elderly pastor from the Islands was fond of saying; “If you can see the hills it’s going to rain if you can’t see the hills, its raining!”

Sunshine brightens the garden, the cock pheasant is strutting around as the females gingerly traverse the green, peering through the windows to check the human activity. Funny I can work in the garden for hours and as soon I as come inside there they are; five hens picking up the fallen bird seed. Do birds work in community, throwing down the seed to the ground feeding birds? Seems they all benefit in the long run.

Evidence of Spring erupting is all around, waiting for a new fence to deter the deer; don’t think they have visited yet. Bird scare-ers don’t scare the birds but will hopefully startle the deer and keep them off the fruit trees…