A little piece of Home

Over the past weeks, Mum has been unwell, always able to recognise us but slipping easily into sleep only to wake and apologise. Normally pictures of flowers, animals or picturesque places will catch her interest. But leaving a magazine with pictures of snowdrops must have caught her imagination. As the snowdrops were not quite ready for picking, my sister took in her little glass ornament ones. Snowdrops are a large part of her memories (and us children) though I just can’t find that grainy old black and white photo!

Rosemount snowdrops

The Spring before the family home was sold, another sister gave me one little bulb of double snowdrops from the old orchard. I planted it in my city garden before replanting them in my new garden. They look just like the ones already growing here but they are a little piece of home…

Rosemount Snowdrops

These are from home too, nothing special, no “Galanthophiles” will be hurrying to dig them up (though it did happen at the “old place”).

pink primrose

This little Primrose (First Rose), already flowering under the rose bush, also came from home. Every spring I would go searching for it growing in the woods because it was an unusual colour. I’ll go visit Mum later and put a little piece of home in her hands and hope they unlock some memories…