and around it, and down it…. I’m in grave danger of becoming a “Weather Whinge-er”; but it feels like it has been raining non-stop since Christmas! Squelching up the hill to the burn yesterday morning, husband states wistfully “I don’t see a river running through the shed yet” .

Rained again last night!

The burn thundered through the rock channel, pretty impressive for one so small. Others have suggested some landscaping so we can see more of the burn from the windows; when I see how the level has risen I understand why the predecessors made it thus… And no! There was a river running through it, and around it and down the hill to join the rest of the wayward water, that refuses to be contained by field drains, culvert-ed under roads, preferring instead to congregate in large pools creating lake land out of grassland. To puddle on the road,  baptizing unsuspecting traffic…

hydro power!

Twenty four hours later and the level has dropped; the ground around the cottage is drier and less noisy underfoot. A brief inspection of the garden shows promise of Spring….

what a difference a day makes

Primrose are putting on leaf, daffodils are up, Autumn crocus is showing, the cyclamen are flowering, fennel has bronzed fronds. Yep, still waiting for winter and Spring is springing…

Here comes the rain again..

But it looks like rain –  again

(should point out, other parts of the UK really are suffering – I’m just whingeing!)