O dear, has it really been that long since I blogged?

By way of explanation, we took down the Christmas decorations and immediately went into Birthday mode, celebrating two birthdays in quick succession. Youngest returned to Sweden, house returns to “normal”. Weather wet, wet and wetter but did manage a day in the garden weeding  the new fruit bushes and trees. Has been very mild but today the moon shone  through the roof-lights, lighting up beautiful feathered patterns of frost. The moon hung golden over the sea before slipping behind Arran. This was the day the electricity was off for several hours, (pre-planned so up early filling flasks and making soup). Have you ever noticed how quiet it is without heating pumps, fridges, radio etc? As our only heat source is the fire: we sat before it sorting through boxes of old photos that had arrived the day before, over a century of  hubby’s family history. Taken aback at family resemblances, marveling at young faces now grown old, relieved that the piles were more organised than I had initially thought.

Darkness is falling, its damp and cold but in the morning garden; trees bejeweled with raindrops, leaves traced in frost. The birds flock to the feeders, blackbird calls from the hedgerow….