If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time you’ll know we moved from the city to live near the sea. We have spectacular views and it has been a wonderfully sunny summer. I try hard to be good, wear high factor sun cream, don’t work in the garden between 10 and 2, wear a wide brimmed hat. My sunglasses are just bog standard but I thought I was doing alright. Right? Wrong! 

Following a routine eye check I was referred to the hospital as I had a “speck” on my retina, very near the “business part” of the eye. After several weeks wait; was seen yesterday and surprised to be asked “have you looked at an eclipse?” An eclipse? In Scotland? Chances are it’s raining! Apart from occasional irritated eye, a bit blurry, a bit dry and needing new glasses I was no wiser…

So having read up this morning here are some little bits of wisdom to prevent you doing the same thing…

  • Hats only protect from overhead sun
  • Sunglasses with no UV protection can make matters worse as they dilate the pupils and don’t protect the eyes.
  • Glare from reflected sun on the sea is still at a really high percentage
  • Sunlight is most damaging before 10 in the morning and after 2 in the afternoon

Now wiser and chastened I intend to wear UV 400 sunglasses, watch out for the glare when I ponder the view and always keep my back to the sun when I garden. I’m just very grateful not to have macular degeneration (too young) and that my eye is healing but will always be scarred.

Life’s Lesson learned today: you only get one pair of eyes look after them…