Sorry for being a little tardy in blogging recently but at last I’ve made a little headway in the garden. It is only when we look back that we begin to see how far we have come. When I first saw the garden, 2 years ago, it was just grass with random herbs scattered about. Beech trees that encroached well into the garden, stumps of shrubs, trees and a jungle of weeds. Slowly the garden has begun to take shape. The fence man came – need a stock fence to deter the deer (still waiting for the quote). A visiting friend encouraged me to trim the beech hedge which I couldn’t decide to reduce or not. Another friend walked around the garden and looked at the pine trees leaning at a precarious angle and said that they really should come down. So I spent a few days being a labourer and cutting up branches and hauling them to the van while he did all the heavy work

The fruit trees arrived and no sooner were they in the ground than the roses arrived (still waiting to be planted – next job). So here’s a little pictorial of the changing garden. Oh, and the birds are coming back to feed, blue tits, coal tits, chaffinch, great tits, tree creeper, wren, robins, blackbird, gold crest and dunnocks. Still waiting for the partridge, pheasants, goldfinch and doves to appear though….