Today is World Toilet Day  (19th but just have to get it out there) and time to say “Thank you toilet!” Well this may have been the loo, (privvy, dunny) in a past life! Nestled in the corner of the garden, set to become a pot store  – flowerpots that is! I’ve tried my share of long drops in my time, some you wouldn’t want to visit after dark. The rustle of cockroaches or the slither of snakes not very conducive to the needful. The best loo with a view was in Katire, Southern Sudan, the worst was on the Kenya /Tanzania border. The nicest was in Mundri but I was always relieved (sic) to get back to a flushing loo and septic tank, except the Christmas in Tanzania where hubby had to unblock it! So now back to a septic tank in the garden, could be tempted to make an arborloo…

One child dies every minute because they don’t have a toilet. Between the harvests the paediatric ward would fill up with children suffering from malnutrition, diarrhoea, pneumonia and as the rains started – malaria. Clean water and toilets  are something we take for granted so time to say “Thank you Toilet” click the link and sing along…. (and maybe give to a charity too)