November Sunrise

Knowing you’re probably bored with this scene but I can never tire of the varying view. Sitting in bed watching the changing light playing over the sea, sky and mountains. The first ground frost turning the grass to white garlands, the birds returned to the feeders and the sunflowers have become shadowy wraiths of their former selves.

October sunset

It brought to mind a half remembered song on an vinyl record …

“Goodbye October, let me rest in winters arms

with my coat around my shoulders

Keeps me warm…

Goodbye October, have the leaves already fallen,

I don’t mind the whistling wind around my door

am I happy just to touch the snow

or watch the meadows changing

re-arranging all the things we did before

Goodbye October…”

Phil Thomson (c) 1976

Music Adrian Snell

Was a beautiful day, the shore crowded with people all bundled up against the cold. Wonderful light, sadly no camera in my pocket…