Sometimes its just good to sit and breathe, drinking in your surroundings…..

The last two weeks have been a whirl of cleaning, clearing, sorting and purging. Sometimes the needs of others have to come ahead of your own. Sometimes you’re just too tired and you need to sit and watch the view. The “oughts”and “shoulds” and “what ifs” are firing in my self-talk. It’s hard taking someones life and fitting it into one room but we all do it or will have to do it for someone, we love and care for, in the future.

Dementia is the time bomb we don’t talk about but its there. Its there when you wrap up the shiny court shoes, the too small clothes and fill the charity bags and you wonder if you have been too severe in your tidying. Then I remember she has a pair of pretty shoes with flat soles that give her great pleasure…

So my garden is needfully neglected for a short while, my blog is neglected (even if I thought I did a post yesterday!).The garden will be there tomorrow, rainbows and mothers can’t wait….