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November Sunset


Reflected Sunrise, Arran

November Avenue

Beneath moonlit skies

wintered foliage

bearing frosts tracery



Yesterday the wind blew, the sea thrashed, the sun shined. The leaves blew, the boughs creaked. Today stillness, calm, quietness…

Woken in the night to the sound of tap-dancing tiles as the wind ripped over the roof. Trees stripped bare, the grass blanketed in golden brown. Snow and ice turned to rain, rain to wind, sea to a tempestuous tumult. Just another day of Scotland’s  weather. From our vantage point, the waves crashed over the rocks making landfall in wild white waves. The sea heaved, the fishing boats safe in the haven, while waves assaulted the harbour wall throwing spume high into the air. Definitely needed a closer look but ten minutes was enough to turn hands blue and relieve fingers of all feeling! Enjoy…


This is an “Inverness” 

“Oh?” I hear you think “Why?”  Well, just been listening to Libby Purves on “Midweek” including John Lloyd of “Hitch hikers Guide…” fame talking about his new book “Afterliff“. By way of explanation…

“A liff is a familiar object or experience that English has no word for. Afterliff corrects this disgraceful oversight by recycling the names found on signposts.

This brilliant successor to Douglas Adams’ and John Lloyd’s 1983 classic “The Meaning of Liff” features over 900 essential new definitions, including:”

Inverness – the loneliness of garden furniture in winter…..

check out for more info…