The nicest thing about going away is coming home again! It was lovely to be in the city and enjoy time with family and friends but it’s just nice to be back in the garden, enjoying the stillness, the birdsong, the flowers and the clear air…

Jewelled Leaf

The morning garden, still dew drenched, rhinestone droplets decorating both leaf and flowers, soft green moss remembering footsteps.

Dappled shade

Dappled shade over the garden as the autumn sun rises lazily, barely clearing the trees. Wren chatters in the hedge while robin sings from the cherry tree. As the air warms, the last butterflies search among the seed heads for nectar.

Marking the Seasons

Few bees visit now as the last flowers slowly fade, first frosts turning leaves red and brown. Digging a new garden for fruit bushes, soft turves stacked neatly. Curlew’s evocative call, scanning the sky, a pair slowly circles the garden in stately flight, their long curved bill clearly visible. Time to tidy up and think about supper….