Stormy Weather

West wind has buffeted the cottage, rattling  slates, tugging at flashings. The sea, whipped into a deep swell, flings whites waves crashing onto the shore. The little cordyline throws down it’s sword-like leaves, like a bad tempered armourer, bending and swaying with every gust.

Morning rituals, coffee; unlock the shed, this morning greeted by swallow babies and parents reluctant to leave it’s shelter.  A weak, watery sun percolates the yellow sky, rain drops trace the window panes.

Golden grain gathered in, straw bales line the fields, a frenzy of silage and haylage, winter food for livestock. Such an odd year of weather. Herbs seeds waiting to be gathered, hedgerows share their bounty, blackbird and robin return to the garden.

Astronomical autumn may be  weeks away but meteorological autumn comes in with a thump!