Friday and finally the last skip has been uplifted much to the amusement of the driver. “Been here awhile then? That’s a first – never seen a landscaped one before!” So farewell rubble and weeds, hello new project.

Goodbye skip!

As I tossed the stones into the wheelbarrow a movement in the grass caught my eye; a little vole returning home after a repast under the bird feeder.  Alas, poor wee thing is homeless as his cosy nest is now exposed to the elements, but don’t be sad the garden is full of little holes and burrows as he follows the food around.


These stones are ancient, some are whinstone, others larva filled with a myriad of tiny pebbles, some stones are green with copper but this was a surprise.  An ordinary rock but as it was about to be dispatched to the barrow I noticed the shiny interior. Looks like an Agate but try as I might couldn’t find the other half.

Hidden beauty

There is beauty in everything around us if we would take the time to look